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Rep. Lipps Announces Introduction of Erin's Law

August 20, 2019
P. Scott Lipps News

COLUMBUS—State Rep. Scott Lipps (R-Franklin) today announced that he has joint sponsored legislation with Brigid Kelly (D-Cincinnati) that will mandate sexual abuse and sexual violence prevention in schools.

This bill requires public schools to train teachers and educate children with age appropriate curriculum on child sexual abuse and sexual violence. The bill, known as Erin’s law for a child sexual abuse survivor, has already passed in 37 states. National statistics show that children are most vulnerable for child sexual abuse between the ages of 7 and 13, which is why implementing this in schools is so important.

“My district is going through a very difficult time, dealing with an unprecedented case of child sexual abuse,” said Rep. Lipps. “A local teacher is suspected of abusing 88 children and has been formally charged on 28 counts. This bill is for all of those children, and for every child and future child in Ohio. The goal of Erin’s law is to educate teachers on signs of child sexual abuse, and most importantly, to protect children by giving them the knowledge of personal body safety. We should not wait until another child becomes a victim to take action.”

HB 321 was introduced on August 19th and is awaiting a committee referral.