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Reps. Grim, McNally Testify for the Kid Influencer Protection Act

Under current Ohio law minors featured on social media have virtually no protections
May 7, 2024
Michele Grim News

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COLUMBUS – State Reps. Michele Grim (D-Toledo) and Rep. Lauren McNally (D-Youngstown) today gave sponsor testimony before the Ohio House Civil Justice Committee on House Bill (HB) 376, The Kid Influencer Protection Act. HB 376 will put regulations in place for child influencers to insure they are paid for their labor.

“The Kid Influencer Protection Act puts needed protections in place that Ohio children need. As the world changes, our laws must change with it. These children are putting in hours of unregulated, stressful labor. They often do not see a dime of compensation for this work,” said Rep. Grim.

“We regulate child labor because we understand that our society thrives best when kids can be kids. This is child labor, a new and emerging kind, and Ohio must say that exploitation of kids won’t happen here,” said Rep. McNally. “The Kid Influencer Protection Act is a step toward a more prosperous and healthy state for our children, one that prioritizes fun and letting kids be kids, while empowering them when it comes to their own likeness and ability to make money from it.”

This legislation would:

  • Require adult vloggers who feature minors in their content are responsible for setting aside a certain amount of funds for child influencers to access once they turn 18.
  • These funds would be held in a trust.
  • The amount would be determined by a “minimum contribution” of one-half of the percentage of the time the likeness, name, or photograph of a vlogging minor was featured in a vlog multiplied by the gross earning for that vlog in a calendar year.
  • Additionally, once a minor reaches the age of 18, they may request the removal of any vlog that includes their image or likeness. Online platforms must take all reasonable steps to comply with these requests.

The bill now awaits further hearings in the House Civil Justice Committee.