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Rep. Grim's Bill to Require Drivers to Stop, Look, and Listen for On-Track Equipment at Railroad Crossings Passes Ohio House

Drivers must only stop and look for trains, not other equipment under current law
May 22, 2024
Michele Grim News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Michele Grim (D-Toledo) today announced the Ohio House passed her bipartisan House Bill (HB) 372, which will require operators of motor vehicles to stop, look, and listen for on-track equipment when approaching railroad crossings. The final vote was 91-1.

“This bill provides a common-sense, widely supported, solution that will raise needed awareness. Over 30 states have already passed similar regulations. HB 372 gives drivers the opportunity to learn more about safer driving practices and avoid a potentially fatal accident in the future,” said Rep. Grim. “I am thrilled by the support from my fellow House colleagues.”

This legislation would maintain a penalty for those who fail to stop at an active railroad crossing of a fourth-degree misdemeanor.

HB 372 will allow offenders to attend a remedial safety training provided by an authorized organization of the court’s choosing, in lieu of a punitive fine or jail term. The training must be completed in a time specified by the court but cannot exceed 180 days after the training is ordered. Once the remedial safety training has been completed the court will waive any associated fine or jail term.

HB 372’s companion bill, Senate Bill 233, passed out of the Senate Committee unanimously on May 22nd, 2024.

The bill now moves to the Ohio Senate for further hearings.