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Rep. Grim, Miranda Introduce Bill to Allow Striking Workers to Apply for Unemployment Compensation

Under current Ohio law, striking workers are barred from unemployment support
November 1, 2023
Michele Grim News

COLUMBUS– State Reps. Michele Grim (D-Toledo) and Jessica E. Miranda (D-Forest Park) today held a press conference to discuss legislation they will soon be introducing, The STAND UP Act (Strike Term Access to Negotiation Duration Unemployment Protection), a bill essential to the support of workers across the state of Ohio. 

After the United Auto Workers’ (UAW) strike for wage increases, new working conditions, and restored benefits, many were left without unemployment benefits. This legislation would allow striking workers to apply for unemployment compensation and benefits after two weeks of striking.

“Ohioans shouldn’t have to choose between seeking better working conditions and keeping a roof over their head. When working people make the hard choice to strike, they should be able to access the unemployment insurance system that they have contributed to with their paychecks,” said Rep. Grim. “By providing equal access to unemployment insurance to striking workers, the STAND UP Act will provide greater stability for our economy and encourage corporations to negotiate in good faith.” 

“Choosing to strike is a brave decision that can lead to many unknowns. When UAW decided to strike, they didn’t know if it would take 2 weeks or 2 months to reach an agreement,” said Rep. Miranda. “These people are fighting for a living wage and fighting for each other. They deserve a safety net! And I am proud of the STAND UP Act and the aid it will provide strikers and their families.” 

The STAND UP Act will soon be formally delivered to the House Clerk’s Office. Once introduced, the legislation will receive a bill number and assignment to a House Committee.