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Rep. Grim Condemns Committee Passage of House Bill 68 to Ban Evidence-based Healthcare for Minors

June 14, 2023
Michele Grim News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Michele Grim (D-Toledo) today released the following statement after committee passage of the Bully Trans Kids Act (Combined House Bill 68 & House Bill 6), which prohibits gender affirming care for minors in the State of Ohio.

“It is beyond disappointing to see colleagues who know better, disregard the expertise of doctors and the lived experiences of trans children and their families. Instead, they deferred to a few Flat Earthers on matters of children’s health. House Bill 68 inserts government where it does not belong – and does irreparable harm in the process,” said Rep. Grim.

During today’s proceedings on HB 68, House Republicans hastily amended the bill to add provisions of Anti-Trans Sports Ban (HB 6), which bans transgender youth from playing on a sports team that aligns with their gender.

House Bill 68 now awaits consideration on the House Floor.