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Veto Override for the Save Women's Sports Act and the SAFE Act Passes the Ohio House

January 11, 2024
Jena Powell News

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COLUMBUS – The Ohio House of Representatives met Wednesday to override Governor DeWine's veto of House Bill 68. H.B. 68 contains the Ohio SAFE Act and the Save Women's Sports Act. The SAFE Act protects minors from experimental, sterilizing, and irreversible procedures, and the Save Women's Sports Act prohibits males from competing in female-only sports. 

"Today, we made history as we voted to override the Governor’s veto of H.B. 68, protect minors, and uphold the rights of females in Ohio," said Powell.

The veto override passed with overwhelming support (65-28). 

"I have been working to pass the Save Women's Sports Act since I was first elected in 2019," said Powell. "It’s unimaginable that it’s taken this long. Protecting the rights, safety, and futures of Ohio women and girls should be obvious." 

23 states have enacted the Save Women's Sports Act, and countless more states are working to pass this critical legislation. 

"In the House, we've worked tirelessly to pass HB 68," said Powell. "We have done everything we can and it's up to our colleagues in the Senate to join us and override the Governor's veto."

The fate of HB 68 is contingent upon a Senate veto override. The Senate is expected to override the Governor's veto at their next session. 

"I am excited that the Senate will be taking on this key role in women's rights history in Ohio," said Powell. "The House and Senate is sending a clear message to females across our state: we hear you and we will fight for you."

The Senate is scheduled to be in session on Wednesday, January 24.