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Powell Opposes Anti-Woman and Anti-Child ACLU Lawsuit

March 28, 2024
Jena Powell News

COLUMBUS - Powell's Save Women's Sports Act and the Ohio SAFE Act, which protect the rights of Ohio women, children, and families, are now under attack by a lawsuit from the ACLU.

"I’m saddened that the ACLU has attacked women's rights and children’s safety through this dangerous lawsuit," said Powell. "These radicals are putting their big-money donors' agendas over what is best for kids in Ohio - we cannot and should not tolerate it. Ohioans do not want biological men to compete on women's-only sports teams. It’s not safe, and it threatens female opportunities across our state. Ohioans also know it’s unacceptable to allow minors to undergo life-altering, sterilizing, and irreversible gender transition procedures and treatments.”

Powell's Save Women's Sports Act passed the Ohio House and Senate in January. The legislation preserves and upholds the rights of women to a level playing field in sports competitions and ensures that female-only sports trophies, scholarships and opportunities are not unfairly taken by biological males. The Ohio SAFE Act, which passed the Ohio House of Representatives with resounding support, ensures minors cannot become victims of life-altering mutilation procedures or sterilizing drugs.

The protections for women and children within the Save Women’s Sports Act and the Ohio SAFE Act are set to go into effect on April 24th.