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SAFE Act Passes out of House Committee

June 14, 2023
Gary Click News

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COLUMBUS – State Representative Gary Click (R-Vickery) is pleased to announce the Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act was favorably passed out of the House Public Health Policy Committee Wednesday. 

Through the committee process, the SAFE Act has been improved to increase mental health services to children experiencing gender identity disorder. The legislation will continue to provide safeguards for minors from experimental medicalized treatments like surgeries, prescriptions of puberty blocking drugs and cross-sex hormones.

“I have been open to improving this legislation since its introduction,” said Click. “My main goal with the SAFE Act has been to help and protect children. By increasing accesses to mental health support we can provide safeguards for children in need of mental health assistance. With the help of the Chairman Scott Lipps, I believe we have made this a stronger piece of legislation for the children of Ohio.”

To protect the rights of parents, the bill specifies a parent or guardian must be informed of a minor’s mental health diagnosis with a gender-related condition and consent must be given prior to counseling. Additionally, minors must also be screened for additional conditions like depression, ADHD, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, and other mental health conditions, as well as trauma and abuse.  

The Save Women’s Sports Act was also added to the SAFE Act in the House Public Health Policy Committee Wednesday. This legislation will ensure young men cannot compete in female-only sports in Ohio. 

Click stated both pieces of legislation are about supporting and protecting Ohio’s children.

“Young women deserve the right to compete amongst their peers rather than young men who have biological advantages, which cannot be washed away with pharmaceuticals,” said Click. “I look forward to the next steps of this legislation as we continue to support children in Ohio.”

The legislation will now head to the House floor for a vote.