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House overrides governor veto of House Bill 68

January 10, 2024
Gary Click News

Today the Ohio House of Representatives overrode the governor’s veto of House Bill 68, Sponsored by Representative Gary Click by a vote of 65 to 28.

The following statement may be attributed to Representative Gary Click:

“Today marks yet another victory for women and children in Ohio. It is hard to fathom that we live in a society that would tell children that they need drugs and scalpels to live their authentic lives or that treats women as second-class citizens in their own spaces. These are horrible, harmful, and hurtful messages for Ohio’s youth and it is remarkable that we would even need a law to affirm these common-sense policies.

“With this vote, we are restoring the fundamental value that the rights of women ought to be protected in women’s spaces and children are once again entitled to grow up intact. Today, the Ohio House of Representatives has reaffirmed that we hold women and children at a premium in the state of Ohio.

“We look forward to our colleagues in the Ohio Senate joining us soon and reaffirming these basic human rights for women and children in Ohio.”