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Click Stands with Israel with Vote on Resolution Showing Support

October 13, 2023
Gary Click News

COLUMBUS – State Representative Gary Click (R-Vickery) recently showed his support for the Jewish people of Israel with a vote in favor of House Bill 292. This legislation condemns the terrorist attacks of Hamas against the State of Israel. 

With more than 1,000 people killed in the initial attack, Click had this to say about his support for Israel.

“The date of October 7th, 2023, will forever be etched in history as a somber chapter, marking the deadliest day in Jewish history since the Holocaust.  

“In the face of these heartless assaults on the most vulnerable—innocent babies, children, women, and civilians—I wholeheartedly reject terrorism and antisemitism in all their repugnant forms. The dreadful acts of violence and brutality inflicted upon Israel by Hamas, a relentless terrorist organization, have left indelible scars on the hearts of many, including myself, as they have subjected the people of Israel to unspeakable horrors.  

“Israel has every right to defend itself from these barbaric attacks and bring those responsible to justice.  I reaffirm my unwavering and absolute support to the Israeli and Jewish communities, and I encourage all to do the same. As we do so, we distinguish between the terrorist organization of Hamas and the Palestinian people. Nearly two million Palestinians live peacefully within Israel and identify as Israeli citizens. Like us, many of them are outraged at these inhumane acts of violence perpetrated by Hamas.   

“The very moment I learned atrocities against Israel, I reached out the to the Speaker and requested a priority resolution for our next session. Before long, I was encouraged to learn that I was not alone and that he was fully on board. The heartfelt and bipartisan speeches went straight to the heart, and I was honored to be a cosponsor and give my unequivocal support to HR 292.  

“A resolution, however, is but one step. We must commit to never cater to terrorist regimes and remember that weakness invites aggression. Our failures in Afghanistan set the stage for Russia to invade Ukraine and ultimately for Iran to orchestrate and fund Hamas. We cannot broker deals and compromises with nations who boldly announce their hatred for Israel and intent to annihilate our Jewish friends and allies. Evil cannot be catered to or compromised with. It must be weakened on every front and resoundingly defeated. There is no middle ground with terrorists.”