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Village of Caldwell Receives Funding For Roadwork

June 13, 2022
Don Jones News

The State Controlling Board has approved the release of $690,000 for roadwork improvements for the Village of Caldwell in Noble County. 

Roadwork Development Grants are awarded for public roadwork improvements that support the expansion or attraction of businesses. Eligible costs include widening, paving, road construction and reconstruction, and right-of-way infrastructure improvements such as sewer or utility lines.

The $690,000 grant has been broken into two projects, $250,000 for completing the paving at a new industrial park in Caldwell. The remaining $440,000 will be allocated to renovate County Road 56 and Fairground Road.

“Infrastructure must always be maintained and up kept to ensure public safety, this allocation of funding will go a long way to maintain roadways throughout Caldwell,” said Jones.