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State Eases Requirements of Ohio's Teacher Residency Program

June 2, 2022
Don Jones News

COLUMBUS –State Representative Don Jones (R-Freeport) today passed House Bill 151 on the house floor after many months of work to allow more flexibility for our young educators. 

House Bill 151 will revise Ohio’s Teacher Residency Program by: 

  • Make the Summative Assessment less high-stakes by allowing for more attempts and expanding the time when teachers can submit their assessment
  • Allows for online mentoring so a young teacher has a wider pool of mentors to choose from so they can find the perfect match
  • Requires the Ohio Department of Education to provide counseling to someone who fails the assessment
  • Requires every teacher in the State of Ohio to be granted one day of professional development to shadow a veteran teacher

 “As a former teacher myself I am very aware of the need for the Resident Educator Program to be revised so it is not a burden on our young teachers. I am proud to have worked on House Bill 151 to ensure our teachers are delivering a quality education day in and day out for our students,” said Jones.

The Save Women’s Sports Act, was amended into House Bill 151. The amendment will ensure that no school, interscholastic conference, or organization that regulates interscholastic athletics can allow biological males to compete in women’s sports.