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Reps. Miranda, Thomas Condemn Covenant School Shooting in Nashville

Three students, three adults were killed
March 28, 2023
Cecil Thomas News

COLUMBUS – State Reps. Jessica E. Miranda (D-Forest Park) and Cecil Thomas (D-Cincinnati) today issued a statement from the House Gun Violence Prevention Caucus following Monday’s elementary school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, which killed three students and three adults.

“I am horrified at another avoidable and tragic school shooting that took the lives of three students and three adults. Every parent should be able to send their children to school and know that it’s a safe place. Unfortunately, that is not the reality we live in in 2023. As the co-founder of the Gun Violence Prevention Caucus, I will continue to advocate for commonsense gun legislation so that these horrendous acts are stopped,” said Rep. Miranda. “We cannot continue to allow one more child to die or one more family to live with this trauma. When are my Republican colleagues going to act?”

Rep. Thomas is a 27-year veteran of the Cincinnati Police Department.

“I am deeply saddened by the news of another school shooting yesterday in Nashville, Tennessee. My sympathies are with the children and those impacted by this senseless tragedy. Yesterday’s attack further underscores the need for comprehensive and commonsense gun legislation to keep our communities safe,” said Rep. Thomas. “We cannot accept as our new reality that the most innocent among us are at risk while in the classroom.”

During the 134th General Assembly, Ohio Democrats introduced various pieces of gun safety legislation that they plan to re-introduce, including: 

  • HB 38 (West, Miller, A.) Repeal “Stand Your Ground”
  • SB 73 (Thomas) / HB 259 (Robinson, Miller, A.) Universal background checks
  • SB 74 (Thomas) Raise minimum age to purchase firearm to 21
  • SB 75 (Thomas, Williams) Regulate transfer of firearms at gun shows
  • SB 76 (Thomas, Craig) / HB 274 (Upchurch, Jarrells) Restore local control to regulate firearms-related conduct
  • SB 77 (Thomas) Ban bump stocks and other items that accelerate semi-automatic firearms
  • SB 138 (Williams) / HB 257 (Russo, Smith, M.) Enact Extreme Risk Protection Order Act (“Red Flag” law)
  • SB 205 (Thomas) Gun Violence Awareness Month
  • HB 262 (Miranda, Kelly) Prohibit negligent firearm storage
  • HB 360 (Miranda, Smith) Designate Gun Violence Awareness Month
  • HB 661 (Crossman, Hicks-Hudson) Require gun trigger locks with firearm sales