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Ohio Gun Violence Prevention Caucus Members Issue Statement on National Gun Violence Awareness Day

June 2, 2023
Cecil Thomas News

COLUMBUS—State Rep. Jessica E. Miranda (D-Forest Park) and Rep. Cecil Thomas (D-Cincinnati), founders of the bicameral Ohio Gun Violence Prevention Caucus, released the following statement on National Gun Violence Awareness Day:

“Today, we recognize and bring awareness to the gun violence epidemic that devastates countless children, families, and communities every single day,” said Rep. Miranda. “Ohioans overwhelmingly support commonsense gun safety measures like background checks, minimum age standards, and ‘red flag’ laws. Instead of listening to special interest groups that peddle fear over facts, we need to put people first. Ohioans want politicians in power to ‘do something’ to keep our schools and communities safe from gun violence. Our thoughts and prayers are no longer enough.”

“Over the last decade, Ohio politicians in power have passed anti-cop, pro-gun-crime laws that handcuff law enforcement and give free rein for violent gun crimes to increase,” said Rep. Thomas. “House Bill 51, Senate Bill 58, and other senseless gun laws will make it easier for criminals to acquire firearms and harder for law enforcement to catch violent criminals.” 

In Ohio, the rate of gun deaths increased 52% from 2012 to 2021, compared to a 39% increase nationwide. In an average year, 1,702 Ohioans die and 3,753 are wounded by guns. House Democrats are committed to common gun sense gun safety legislation in order to ensure the safety of our communities, families, and children.