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Rep. Liston warns Ohio Superintendents of bill requiring genital inspections to play interscholastic sports

August 15, 2022
Beth Liston News

COLUMBUS — State Rep. Beth Liston (D-Dublin) today emailed a warning to Ohio Superintendents regarding House Bill (HB) 151, legislation that could require middle school and high school athletes to prove their gender by submitting to intrusive inspections of their genitalia and other invasive tests. 

“HB 151 will hurt children across our state. Districts and schools should be aware of this harmful bill so they can speak out and help protect our kids from extreme politicians focused on legislating genitals,” said Rep. Liston. 

HB 151 was amended in an effort to exclude transgender students from sports teams by requiring them to submit to multiple invasive exams should anyone question the student-athletes gender. During the final legislative session in June, HB 151 passed out of the House of Representatives. All “Yes” votes were from Republicans and all Democrats opposed it.

See a copy of the email sent by Rep. Liston HERE