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Rep. Liston issues statement after latest abortion ban bill hearing

April 27, 2022
Beth Liston News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Beth Liston (D-Dublin) issued a statement following Wednesday’s meeting of the House Government Oversight Committee in which House Bill (HB) 598 had its first hearing. HB 598 would immediately ban abortion without exception in Ohio should the U.S. Supreme Court issue an opinion that upholds a state’s authority to prohibit abortion or if a U.S. Constitutional amendment is adopted allowing the same. 

“This extreme bill would have a chilling effect on the health of women in Ohio. Doctors would face murder charges in order to adequately care for pregnant women facing complications such as ectopic pregnancies or severe fatal fetal anomalies. HB 598 puts politicians between women and their doctors in difficult situations, and more women will die as a result,” said Rep. Liston.

In addition to prohibiting a person from causing or inducing an abortion, HB 598 would create criminal provisions that physicians could be charged with if they end a pregnancy, unless a comprehensive list of conditions have been met to invoke an affirmative defense. 

You can watch a recording of the bill’s hearing here