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Representative Miller & Schmidt Announce Bipartisan Legislation to End Ohio's Death Penalty

Bill would end Ohio's out of date and flawed death penalty
February 18, 2021
Adam C. Miller News

State Rep. Adam Miller (D-Columbus) and Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Miami Twp.) today introduced legislation that would repeal Ohio’s death penalty.

“It is 2021.  It is time to end the death penalty.” said Rep. Miller.  “Apart from moral, ethical, and spiritual reasons to oppose capital punishment, the carrying out of executions raises significant concerns on who is sentenced to death and how that sentence is carried out.   It is long past time Ohio joins the global community in ending the death penalty. ”

Since 1999, Ohio has had 56 executions.  Currently 136 people are on Ohio’s Death Row.  Ohio has also had 9 people exonerated for the crime in which they were sentenced to death.  In addition, depending on the cost estimate used, Ohio could save millions of dollars if these prisoners were given life without parole instead of the costly.  

“Over the course of my life, I have reevaluated this issue,” said Rep. Schmidt.  “When I last served in this Chamber 16 years ago, I was an advocate for continuing the death penalty.  A decade and half later, I truly feel, the time has come to end the death penalty in Ohio.  I’m looking forward to discussing this important issue with my colleagues and constituents.”

In December, Governor Mike DeWine declared an “unofficial moratorium” on executions and stated that lethal injection is no longer an option for Ohio executions.