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Rep. Miller calls on governor to veto latest anti-abortion bill

Says SB 157 threatens the health, safety of pregnant patients and unduly restricts access to abortion care in Ohio
December 16, 2021
Adam C. Miller News

COLUMBUS—Today, Rep. Adam Miller (D-Columbus) sent a letter to Gov. Mike DeWine urging him to veto Senate Bill (SB) 157, the latest Republican anti-abortion bill. Opponents say SB 157 would put patients in danger by interfering with the ability for doctors and patients to make appropriate and life-saving medical decisions if faced with a medical crisis during pregnancy.

“Criminalizing critical women's healthcare and putting the government between patients and their doctors during a time when the focus should solely be on an individual’s personal care benefits no one,” said Rep. Miller. “Women’s healthcare is no place for legislative fiat.”

SB 157 would also restrict abortion access in Ohio by prohibiting physicians who are employed by or teach at a medical school affiliated with a state university or college, state hospital or other public institution from being eligible for variances from written transfer agreements that are required for abortion clinics. During opponent testimony on the bill, advocates explained this provision is directly targeted to close abortion clinics in Southwest Ohio.