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State and Local Government: Public Officials and Employees
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H. B. No. 94 Regards transfer or purchase of certain retirement service credit As Introduced
S. B. No. 96 Allow employers to post certain labor law notices on internet As Reported by the House Commerce and Labor Committee
S. B. No. 113 Regards failure to comply with Military Selective Service System As Passed by the Senate
H. B. No. 115 Enact Ohio Equal Pay Act As Introduced
H. B. No. 146 Establish a SERS contribution based benefit cap As Reported by the House Pensions Committee
S. B. No. 185 Exempt certain public service worker documents from disclosure As Introduced
S. B. No. 194 Increase certain Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund contributions As Introduced
H. B. No. 211 Enact the Free to Speak Act As Introduced
H. B. No. 241 Regards police department vacancies As Passed by the House
S. B. No. 255 Revise the law governing coroners and death certificates As Introduced