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S. B. No. 75 Regards municipal creation of joint economic development district As Passed by the Senate
H. B. No. 84 Lower the minimum age for appointment as a police officer As Introduced
S. B. No. 85 Expand eligibility for county sewer discounted rates As Introduced
H. B. No. 93 Regards limits on recovery and lien imposition by municipalities As Passed by the House
S. B. No. 94 Regards the Treasurer of State, recorded instruments, liens, etc. As Passed by the Senate
H. B. No. 101 Modify the law regarding village dissolution As Enrolled
S. B. No. 105 Regards ADAMH boards; recovery housing residences As Introduced
H. B. No. 121 Modify municipal tax apportionment formula for remote workers As Passed by the House
H. B. No. 125 Modify income tax deductions for 529 plans and ABLE accounts As Reported by the House Ways and Means Committee
H. B. No. 126 Expand municipal income tax exemption for military pay As Introduced