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Crimes, Corrections, and Law Enforcement: Firearms
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Number Title Sponsor(s) Version
H. B. No. 62 Designate Ohio a Second Amendment Sanctuary State As Introduced
S. B. No. 73 Regards firearms transfers; require background check As Introduced
S. B. No. 74 Raise the minimum age to purchase a firearm As Introduced
S. B. No. 75 Regulate the transfer of firearms at a gun show As Introduced
S. B. No. 77 Regards certain items that increase firearms' rate of fire As Introduced
H. B. No. 89 Revise concealed handgun licensee requirement to notify upon stop As Reported by the House State and Local Government Committee
H. B. No. 99 Regards persons authorized to go armed within school safety zone As Passed by the House
S. B. No. 138 Enact Extreme Risk Protection Order Act As Introduced
S. B. No. 168 Establish Ohio Mobile Training Team Program As Reported by the Senate Veterans and Public Safety Committee
S. B. No. 205 Designate Gun Violence Awareness Month As Introduced