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State and Local Government Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. C. R. No. 3 Urge Congress propose term limit amendment.
H. C. R. No. 5 Urge Congress not to adopt HR 1 - 117th Congress
H. B. No. 11 Create law enforcement officer database for hiring
H. R. No. 12 Declare Ohio a Second Amendment Protective State.
H. R. No. 14 Condemn January 6 Capitol Insurrection.
H. R. No. 18 Urge Congressional Gold Medal for late Sen. John and Annie Glenn.
S. B. No. 22 Establish legislative oversight over Governor's and health orders
H. R. No. 22 Urge Congress to enact the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act.
H. B. No. 24 Designate Eugene 'Gene' F. Kranz Day
H. B. No. 38 Limit the locations at which a person has no duty to retreat
H. B. No. 62 Designate Ohio a Second Amendment Sanctuary State
H. B. No. 72 Designate Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month
H. B. No. 87 Exempt certain utility supply contracts from 10-year maximum
H. B. No. 89 Revise concealed handgun licensee requirement to notify upon stop
H. B. No. 90 Establish legislative oversight over Governor's and health orders
H. B. No. 94 Designate President Donald J. Trump Day
H. B. No. 103 Regards adoption / duration of emergency rules
H. B. No. 113 Allow municipal police chief to conduct officer training school
H. B. No. 114 Require Poindexter Village to be designated state historic site
H. B. No. 127 Vacate and expunge COVID-19 order violations
H. B. No. 130 Allow police department fill vacancies without exam
H. B. No. 134 Regards peace officer training and resources
H. B. No. 137 Designate Ohio Tuskegee Airmen Day
H. B. No. 148 Designate Congressman John Lewis Voter Registration Day