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Public Utilities Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
S. B. No. 10 Regards electric regulation, decoupling, and customer refunds
H. B. No. 10 Revise electric utility service law
H. B. No. 18 Repeal HB 6 of the 133rd GA
S. B. No. 44 Revise certain provisions of HB6 of the 133rd GA
H. B. No. 57 Repeal HB 6 of the 133rd GA
H. B. No. 58 Regards electric utility excessive earnings determination
H. B. No. 118 Regards wind farm applications, setbacks, and referenda
H. B. No. 260 Require refunds to improperly charged utility customers
H. B. No. 299 Enact Consumer Utility Billing Transparency Act
H. B. No. 302 Alter the minimum setback for certain wind farms
H. B. No. 317 Repeal electric security plans; revise electric service law
H. B. No. 351 Repeal certain utility cost recovery mechanisms; provide refunds