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Primary and Secondary Education Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. B. No. 34 Require schools transmit certain student's records within 5 days
H. B. No. 40 Provide exemptions from state report cards
H. B. No. 49 Reinstate the Joint Education Oversight Committee
H. B. No. 54 Dissolve academic distress commissions
H. B. No. 61 Enact Save Women's Sports Act
H. B. No. 73 Regards educational testing, assessment, and retention
H. B. No. 82 Eliminate required assessment for high school graduation
H. B. No. 100 Dissolve existing academic distress commissions
H. B. No. 105 Regards age-appropriate child sexual abuse instruction
H. B. No. 112 Require one time performance audit of certain schools
H. B. No. 115 Eliminate right of first refusal for school district property
H. B. No. 117 Regards school district territory transfers
H. B. No. 147 Regards investigating school's compliance with bullying policy
H. B. No. 151 Replace Ohio Teacher Residency program with local mentorship
H. B. No. 200 Revise the state report card and school accountability system
H. B. No. 205 Enact Collin's Law: The "Ohio Anti-Bullying and Hazing Act"
H. B. No. 240 Enact Parents Right to Know Act
H. B. No. 244 Regards educational opportunities/enrollment military kids