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Primary and Secondary Education Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. C. R. No. 25 Encourage schools to retire Native American mascots.
H. B. No. 40 Provide exemptions from state report cards
H. B. No. 49 Reinstate the Joint Education Oversight Committee
H. B. No. 54 Dissolve academic distress commissions
H. B. No. 61 Enact Save Women's Sports Act
H. B. No. 73 Regards educational testing, assessment, and retention
H. B. No. 100 Dissolve existing academic distress commissions
H. B. No. 112 Require one time performance audit of certain schools
H. B. No. 115 Eliminate right of first refusal for school district property
H. B. No. 117 Regards school district territory transfers
H. B. No. 147 Regards investigating school's compliance with bullying policy
H. B. No. 200 Revise the state report card and school accountability system
H. B. No. 205 Enact Collin's Law: The "Ohio Anti-Bullying and Hazing Act"
H. R. No. 223 Urge Department of Ed to require four-year life skills program.
H. B. No. 240 Enact Parents Right to Know Act
H. B. No. 312 Designate November 23rd as Women and Girls in STEM Day
H. B. No. 316 Enact the 2020-2021 High School Education Recovery Act
H. B. No. 334 Regards school district board member compensation, training
H. B. No. 368 Regards College Credit Plus course weighted grade averages
H. B. No. 370 Enact the Seizure Safe Schools Act
H. B. No. 373 Enact Sarah's Law regarding school seizure action plans
H. B. No. 374 Create Loving State Index and Commission
H. B. No. 426 Require automatic external defibrillators in certain locations
H. B. No. 467 Regards community school operation, management, accountability
H. B. No. 529 Requires online posting of school curricula
H. B. No. 565 Add students as nonvoting members of State Board of Education
H. B. No. 619 Allows school districts to permit student mental health days
H. B. No. 633 Prohibit sharing public school student directory info w/o consent
H. B. No. 643 Require excused absence from school for 4-H activities
H. B. No. 659 Require disclosure of for-profit status of educational institution
H. B. No. 705 Authorize OHSAA to establish grade 7-12 athletic rules
H. B. No. 719 Regards Educational Regional Service System services
H. B. No. 739 Prohibit school from discriminating on COVID-19 vaccine status
H. B. No. 745 Regards educator license applications and notice of discipline
H. B. No. 748 Require schools adopt policy on staff member professional duties