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Primary and Secondary Education Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. B. No. 9 Establish the Grow Your Own Teacher Program
H. B. No. 11 Establish the Backpack Scholarship Program
H. B. No. 12 Rename and revise duties of Department of Education and Workforce
S. B. No. 29 Regards education records and student data privacy
H. B. No. 38 Allow school districts to permit students 3 mental health days
S. B. No. 49 Enact the Religious Expression Days "R.E.D." Act
H. B. No. 63 Require schools to provide conflict resolution instruction
H. B. No. 70 Require schools adopt a policy regarding over-the-counter drugs
H. B. No. 82 Require school athletic coaches complete mental health training
H. B. No. 103 Establish Ohio Social Studies Standards Task Force
H. B. No. 127 Revise the law regarding the home education of children
H. B. No. 135 Require school districts to grant excused absence for 4-H and FFA
H. B. No. 137 Study feasibility-Ohio version of KY Bluegrass Challenge Academy
S. B. No. 162 Regards academic intervention services
S. B. No. 168 Regards education regulation reform
H. B. No. 171 Include certain instruction in social studies model curriculum
H. B. No. 206 Regards public school expulsion for actions dangerous to others
H. B. No. 216 Require Dept of Ed develop bullying policy investigation process
H. B. No. 235 Regards State Board of Education membership and meetings
H. B. No. 240 Allows public schools to employ chaplains
H. B. No. 266 Require schools update EMS plans for individual with disability
H. B. No. 339 Establish the Nonchartered Educational Savings Account Program
H. B. No. 348 Create pilot programs to increase student attendance, graduation
H. B. No. 361 Expand eligibility for a 40-hour teaching permit
H. B. No. 387 Eliminate academic distress commissions
H. B. No. 407 Regards nonpublic schools participating in certain programs
H. B. No. 408 Require public schools to provide meals and related services
H. B. No. 411 Increase the base teacher salary
H. B. No. 432 Regards the teaching of career-technical education
H. B. No. 436 Permit education aides, specialists to provide remote services
H. B. No. 440 Regards special needs scholarship services and service providers
H. B. No. 445 Regards school policies for release for religious instruction