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Homeland Security Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. C. R. No. 9 Adopt Restoration of America's Readiness (ROAR) Resolution
H. B. No. 13 Redefine "hybrid motor vehicle" for registration fee purposes
S. B. No. 53 Lower minimum age for original appointment as a police officer
H. B. No. 84 Lower the minimum age for appointment as a police officer
H. B. No. 194 Authorize private vendor contract for specialty license plates
H. B. No. 209 Create Ohio Society Daughters of American Revolution plate
H. B. No. 213 Create Purdue University license plate
H. B. No. 222 Create "Continue Your Story" specialty license plate
H. B. No. 223 Create "Jackson Local Schools" license plate
H. B. No. 232 Create Historical and Patriotic Education license plate
H. B. No. 237 Makes changes regarding off-road vehicles
H. B. No. 248 Create the suicide prevention license plate
H. B. No. 287 Create Terrace Park license plate
H. B. No. 302 Create Jesup W. Scott High School license plate
H. B. No. 303 Establish a process to revise EMS training subjects
H. B. No. 321 Establish a statewide 9-1-1 special needs database
H. B. No. 326 Intend to use marijuana tax revenue for peace officer training
H. B. No. 329 Require sextortion training materials for law enforcement
H. B. No. 333 Prohibit law enforcement quotas for arrests and citations
H. B. No. 374 Regards nonresident drivers with international drivers licenses
H. B. No. 395 Regards juvenile driver training, defensive driving, penalties
H. B. No. 416 License traffic law photo-monitoring device companies; levy a tax
H. B. No. 423 Create "Blue Star Banner" license plate
H. B. No. 425 Authorize driver training with electronic device or application
H. B. No. 449 Require Digest of Motor Vehicle Laws translated to more languages
H. B. No. 472 Regards voter registration, voting, and voting systems
H. B. No. 473 Requires security cameras at highway rest stops
H. B. No. 483 Create "Save a Warrior" license plate