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Health Provider Services Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
S. B. No. 28 Enter Physician Assistant Licensure Compact
H. B. No. 36 Enact Paige's Law regarding medical identifying devices
H. B. No. 80 Regards pharmacist care
H. B. No. 97 License certified mental health assistants
H. B. No. 102 License advanced practice respiratory therapists
H. B. No. 136 Authorize the operation of remote dispensing pharmacies
S. B. No. 144 Regards immunizations by pharmacists, pharmacy interns and techs
H. B. No. 154 Regards employment conditions for certain registered nurses
H. B. No. 169 Regards tanning by minors; physician titles
H. B. No. 236 Enact Never Alone Act
H. B. No. 275 Regards patient prescription reports, opioids, medical marijuana
H. B. No. 285 Require hospitals to establish registered nurse staffing plans
H. B. No. 319 Enact Conscientious Right to Refuse Act
H. B. No. 362 Revise law governing certified registered nurse anesthetists
H. B. No. 463 Enacts the My Child-My Chart Act
H. B. No. 545 Regulate the practice of midwives