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Criminal Justice Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
S. B. No. 2 Regards criminal case competency and enters Ohio into PSYPACT
H. B. No. 3 Enact Aisha's Law regarding domestic violence / arrest authority
H. B. No. 8 Revise electronic recording of custodial interrogations
H. B. No. 22 Expand the offense of obstructing justice
H. B. No. 27 Increase penalty for failing to secure a vehicle load
H. B. No. 44 Increase assault penalties in certain circumstances
H. B. No. 64 Regards fraudulent assisted reproduction
H. B. No. 70 Revise law governing passing a school bus
H. B. No. 99 Regards persons authorized to go armed within school safety zone
H. B. No. 109 Increase penalties-certain criminal offenses; peace officer suits
H. B. No. 116 Enact the Ohio Computer Crimes Act
H. B. No. 121 Eliminate sex crime spousal exceptions; permit spousal testimony
H. B. No. 150 Establish Ohio Public Defender State Loan Repayment Program
H. B. No. 161 Enact Jacob's Law re:certain child abuse-related offenses
H. B. No. 166 Regards criminal sentencing and corrections