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Criminal Justice Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. B. No. 20 Enact the Ohio Computer Crimes Act
H. B. No. 37 Increase penalties for OVI and aggravated vehicular homicide
H. B. No. 44 Require electronic recordings of parole board hearings
H. B. No. 56 Increase penalty-fleeing police; regards motor vehicle pursuit
H. B. No. 67 Regards subsequent reduction in penalties for prior offenders
H. B. No. 83 Remove criminal penalties for certain drug offenses
H. B. No. 91 Prohibit installing tracking device or app without consent
S. B. No. 100 Prohibit installing tracking device or app without consent
H. B. No. 110 Regards the sale of used catalytic converters
H. B. No. 111 Increase sentence range for third degree felony domestic violence
S. B. No. 122 Revise the law regarding bail
H. B. No. 124 Eliminate period of limitation - rape prosecution or civil action
H. B. No. 139 Increase assault penalties if the victim is a sports official
H. B. No. 143 Enact the Ohio Safe Homes Act
H. B. No. 148 Require sexual motivation for criminal child enticement offense
H. B. No. 161 Eliminate spousal exceptions for certain sex offenses
H. B. No. 196 Change maximum periods of community control sanctions
H. B. No. 221 Expand postconviction relief for DNA showing actual innocence
H. B. No. 233 Enact the Self-Defense Protection Act
H. B. No. 234 Regards imposing sentence on offender who entered an Alford plea
H. B. No. 245 Prohibits certain adult cabaret performances
H. B. No. 255 Regards massage establishments and nontherapeutic massage
H. B. No. 258 Increase fine for repeatedly selling tobacco products to minors
H. B. No. 270 Enact the Sam Knisley Family Support Act