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Criminal Justice Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
S. B. No. 16 Regards civil action by, and crimes against, first responders
H. B. No. 64 Regards fraudulent assisted reproduction
H. B. No. 70 Revise law governing passing a school bus
H. B. No. 121 Eliminate sex crime spousal exceptions; permit spousal testimony
S. B. No. 168 Establish Ohio Mobile Training Team Program
H. B. No. 210 Allow the cultivation and possession of marihuana
H. B. No. 211 Enact State Property Protection and Prosecution Act
H. B. No. 266 Regards statutes of limitation for rape and child sexual abuse
H. B. No. 287 Create offense: strangulation by a law enforcement officer
H. B. No. 293 Prohibit use of tear gas by peace officers
H. B. No. 307 Prohibit law enforcement agencies from using quotas
H. B. No. 315 Make bail changes
H. B. No. 319 Enact Expanding Human Trafficking Justice Act
H. B. No. 341 Create the Bureau of Hate Crimes
H. B. No. 345 Require human impact statement for criminal justice bills
H. B. No. 356 Regards drug offenses and treatment
H. B. No. 367 Regards body-worn and dashboard cameras, excessive force
H. B. No. 406 Revise the offense of voyeurism
H. B. No. 408 Regards the sale of catalytic converters
H. B. No. 418 Reduce mental state - allow underaged person possess alcohol
H. B. No. 437 Create the offense of postal package theft
H. B. No. 459 Prohibit certain offenders from working, volunteering with minors
H. B. No. 475 Increase penalty-certain assault offenses against peace officers
H. B. No. 485 Regulate operation of unmanned aerial vehicles
H. B. No. 486 Regulate use of an unmanned aerial vehicle for surveillance
H. B. No. 500 Regards bindovers of alleged juvenile offender to criminal court
H. B. No. 511 Require electronic recordings of parole board hearings
H. B. No. 571 Designate Sexual Assault Prevention Awareness Month
H. B. No. 580 Revise penalty for failure to comply with police officer's order
H. B. No. 586 Regards postconviction relief based on DNA evidence of innocence
H. B. No. 604 Regards unlicensed funeral directing; operation without license
H. B. No. 626 Modify penalties for failure to comply with police officer
H. B. No. 640 Require certain vehicular homicide offender pay child maintenance
H. B. No. 665 Apply certain felony offenses only to persons 18 and older
H. B. No. 670 Require vehicle operators check for on-track railroad equipment
H. B. No. 672 Prohibit installing tracking on another's property w/o consent
H. B. No. 674 Increase penalty - providing alcohol to a minor in certain cases
H. B. No. 689 Revise restrictions on childhood sexual abuse sex offenders
H. B. No. 699 Revise law regarding crimes and corrections
H. B. No. 708 Regards reductions in criminal penalties
H. B. No. 735 Increase sentencing range - third degree felony domestic violence
H. B. No. 738 Revise postconviction relief proceedings law
H. B. No. 740 Prohibit hooning and being a spectator at a hooning event
H. B. No. 743 Require provision of feminine hygiene products - certain inmates