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Civil Justice Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. B. No. 59 Provide counsel to destitute defendants facing eviction
H. B. No. 64 Modify eminent domain law
H. B. No. 150 Prohibit rental discrimination based on lawful source of income
H. B. No. 172 Regards electronic estate planning, health care documents
H. B. No. 178 Enact Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair Act
H. B. No. 212 Enact the Ohio Property Protection Act
H. B. No. 265 Exempt certain public service workers' forms from disclosure
H. B. No. 281 Require criminal conviction for certain civil actions for damages
H. B. No. 283 Add a judge to the Adams County Court of Common Pleas
H. B. No. 301 Regards Nonprofit Corporation Law and dissolving corporations
H. B. No. 322 Regards childhood sexual abuse registrants, offense of grooming
H. B. No. 338 Allow child support orders for children over 18 with a disability
H. B. No. 371 Enact Issue 1 Implementation Act
H. B. No. 376 Enact the Kidfluencer Protection Act
H. B. No. 390 Regards notice of excess funds in property foreclosure sales
H. B. No. 403 Create new causes of action re: vehicles towed after an accident
H. B. No. 413 Regards Ashtabula County and Conneaut Municipal courts
H. B. No. 422 Apply Civil Rights Law employment provisions to unpaid interns
H. B. No. 438 Enact the Homebuyer Protection Act
H. B. No. 466 Requires written real estate agency agreement for representation