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Civil Justice Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. B. No. 12 Provide enforcement mechanism for certain constitutional rights
H. B. No. 20 Prohibit foreclosures and eviction during COVID-19 emergency
H. B. No. 32 Halt collection of certain debt/fees during COVID-19 emergency
H. B. No. 53 Regards certain statutes of limitation and repose
S. B. No. 56 Regulate indemnity clause - certain professional design contracts
H. B. No. 63 Revise eminent domain law
H. B. No. 108 Regards parental right of disposition for deceased adult child
H. B. No. 162 Remove derogatory disability terminology
H. B. No. 182 Prohibit discrimination in rental housing based on income
H. B. No. 199 Remove damage cap for noneconomic loss for rape victims
H. B. No. 256 Allow certain crime victims to terminate rental agreement
H. B. No. 286 Change the venue for appeal from an agency order
H. B. No. 289 Regards placement continuation; kinship preference in foster care
H. B. No. 320 Enact Darren's Law re: false 911 reports
H. B. No. 332 Regards qualified immunity for peace officers; indemnification
H. B. No. 339 Regards wills, declarations, living wills, powers of attorney
H. B. No. 350 Prohibit mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, vaccine proof
H. B. No. 352 Prohibit disability from being used to deny, limit parenting
H. B. No. 354 Revise the law regarding the preparation of deeds
H. B. No. 439 Regards involuntary treatment for mentally ill persons
H. B. No. 441 Regards interactive computer services and social media censorship