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Honor Dr. King's Legacy - Show Up!

January 17, 2014
Democrat Newsroom

When my staff reminded me I was approaching the deadline to submit my thoughts on Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy this year, I was dry.  Weary. Heavy-hearted. What could I say?

The report is not good. We are losing ground in areas already won – and fewer people seem to be paying attention every year. Sometimes, it feels as if the clock is spinning backwards.

All the issues Dr. King fought so hard to improve for ALL people – education, wealth creation, voting rights – are now back on the battle field.

We have a generation of children who couldn’t even define the American Dream let alone aspire to it.

Too many forgotten invisible people.

Too many living a nightmare with no dreams to hope for.

I heard Dr. Cornell West speak last night and he suggests we wake up – that perpetual dreaming is an unnatural state. Interesting.

The only way the dream becomes reality is through power.

The irony is that in this democracy of ours, we-- the people --have the power.

The disenfranchised, disconnected, the disregarded.

Those are the power bearers and they simply don’t know it, or no longer believe it.

We can make the dream a reality in one election cycle by making sure you are properly registered RIGHT NOW, showing up on election day or whatever narrow window Secretary Husted decides to allow for early voting – AND VOTE.

Vote for people who care about you, know your issues have demonstrated some commitment to the community and its issues.

Pay attention to who keeps their word and who doesn’t. You determine term limits based on performance.

Show up at town hall meetings, council meetings and legislative committee hearings.


Trite maybe – but truly that simple.

Show up and change the world.

Do you think they would be trying so hard for so long to keep you from that one little vote of yours if it didn’t hold so much power?

Only the power to change your world.

Happy MLK Day

Don’t embarrass him.