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Rep. Blackshear introduces Neighborhood Protection Act

Legislation would make it easier to maintain and develop abandoned properties
September 20, 2021
Willis E. Blackshear, Jr. News

COLUMBUS– State Rep. Blackshear (D- Dayton) today announced the introduction of the Neighborhood Protection Act, which would require vacant property owners to file contact information with the County Auditor’s office. Vacant property owners in counties with a population larger than 200,000 would be required to provide contact information to the County Auditor’s office or be penalized with a tax lien. This bill would make it easier to contact vacant property owners for property maintenance issues and sales opportunities. 

“The Neighborhood Protection Act is a first step in addressing an issue that has been around for quite a while. This bill ensures that vacant property owners are accessible to manage, maintain and sell properties in neighborhoods all over the state of Ohio. This bill will help address and correct the influx of abandoned and dilapidated properties in our state,” said Rep. Blackshear. 

The legislation awaits a bill number and referral to a House committee.