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Rep. Sims Provides Sponsor Testimony on Legislation that Expands Jury List, Includes More Underrepresented Communities Across Ohio

May 15, 2024
Veronica Sims News

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COLUMBUS – State Rep. Veronica Sims (D-Akron) Tuesday provided sponsor testimony on House Bill (HB) 514, legislation that expands Ohio’s jury list to include more underrepresented communities across Ohio.

Rep. Sims’ first piece of legislation introduced since becoming a member of the House of Representatives three months ago, would require the annual jury source list to include all names from both the current voter list and certified names provided by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

“Through the use of both certified listings in the annual jury sourced list, I am confident that we will be able to effectively broaden the jury pool to include more underrepresented communities, particularly Black and brown communities, throughout our state,” said Rep. Sims. “Narrowing and/or excluding people from important work or serving on a jury because they did not register to vote is very limited thinking and short-sighted if we are indeed serious about justice. Everyone deserves the certainty of a fair and impartial jury and a jury of one’s peers no matter where you live, work, and/or play in the great state of Ohio.”

The bill now awaits further hearings in the House Government Oversight Committee.