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House Approves Ohio Law and Order Act Passes

February 16, 2022
Sara P. Carruthers News

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Law and Order Act, or House Bill 109, today passed in the Ohio House of Representatives, announced State Representative Sara Carruthers (R-Hamilton). 

In response to an increase in violent protests over recent years, the bill creates new criminal offenses to combat rioting, looting and violence in Ohio. 

“Vandalism, looting and violence are not free speech,” said Carruthers, a joint sponsor of the legislation. “Frankly, these types of reckless and irresponsible actions – typically from only a handful of agitators – detract from the core message law-abiding demonstrators are trying to convey.” 

Under the bill, new offenses will be created for riot assault or vandalism that prohibits a person from recklessly causing physical harm to another person or property. The act also includes provisions that create offenses for harassment and bias-motivated intimidation, specifically in cases that harm another person or property based on the victim’s status as a first responder.

Additionally, protections for peace officers and first responders will also be expanded. New protections include the ability to bring civil suits against persons participating in a riot, and penalties for a disorderly conduct violation will increase if the violation occurs during a riot or illegal protest and hinders the movement of people. 

“When businesses are boarded up and shut down as the result of the irresponsible actions of a few agitators, law-abiding citizens lose. Small business owners lose. Jobs are lost,” said Carruthers. 

The bill now heads to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.