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Carruthers's Bill Improving Housing for Low-Income Ohioans Passes Ohio House

December 13, 2022
Sara P. Carruthers News

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State Rep. Sara Carruthers (R-Hamilton) announces legislation she introduced under House Bill 572 passed in the Ohio House on Tuesday. She joint-sponsored the bill alongside State Rep. Tim Ginter.

The legislation requires the Departments of Aging and Medicaid to establish programs providing payments to residential care facilities that have residents who are Assisted Living Waiver recipients.

“Our goal is to improve the living opportunities for low-income and elderly Ohioans,” Carruthers said. “In recognizing low-income Ohioans may suffer from social detriments of health issues that reduce the quality of life, it’s our hope that this bill helps them in filling the gap of care in these instances.”

Assisted living has largely been inaccessible for seniors on Medicaid. Unfortunately, facilities are hesitant to accept those on the Assisted Living Waiver, knowing the minimal number of reserved Medicaid beds for them will actually cost the facility money. The legislation has a four-tiered reimbursement rate for the Assisted Living Waiver to improve living opportunities for these individuals while providing the state with lower costs and better housing.

Groups that supported the bill during the committee process include the Ohio Health Care Association, LeadingAge Ohio, AARP Ohio, the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging and others.

To watch Carruthers’ House floor speech, please visit here. The legislation now heads to the Senate for further consideration.