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Loychik Provides Clarity on House Bill 610

April 20, 2022
Mike Loychik News

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COLUMBUS – State Representative Mike Loychik (R-Bazetta) recently Introduced House Bill 610 which will create Major Air Hub Council to create two new hub airports, one in Fayette and one in Portage Counties.

“The legislation has been drafted with the intent of gauging the possibility and feasibility of building a new Air Hub through the development of the council,” said Loychik. 

Proposals will be submitted to the council and will go through a review process regarding terminal privileges and leasing of gates. No airport will be constructed until the council has secured the appropriate contracts with the airline companies and secured sufficient funding. 

“The council will study all issues related to the construction of airports and prepare a detailed plan addressing all aspects related to financing, construction, marketing, and all actions necessary to construct two hub airports.” 

Funding for this prospective project could be obtained through a request submitted to OBM, revenue bonds, state and federal sources or they may look to explore other viable project financing arrangements.

Further, after the plan is agreed to and funding is obtained the Council must transfer the airport to the Northern Ohio Airport Authority (for the airport in Portage County) or the Southern Ohio Airport Authority (for the airport in Fayette County).

Lastly, this proposed legislation requires when economically feasible, the creation of high-speed rail to connect transportation centers to each other.

“House Bill 610 does not build a new airport, it will create a council to explore the possibility of building a new airport to serve Ohioans in east and southeast Ohio at almost zero risk to the taxpayers leaving the area a prospect of becoming more economically competitive,” added Loychik.