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With Ohio military sites in jeopardy, state lawmaker looks to Congress for fix

New legislation urges Congress to override presidential veto, protect military funding
March 20, 2019
Casey Weinstein News

As over $100 million in funding sits in jeopardy for critical military infrastructure throughout Ohio, state Rep. Casey Weinstein (D-Hudson) today introduced new legislation urging Congress to override President Trump’s national emergency declaration. The controversial declaration is being used to take funding from existing infrastructure, like military sites in Ohio, to fund wall construction on the United States’ southern border.

“Ohio’s military installations are essential to the security of both our economy and our nation. Defunding these critical projects will make us less secure and harm the livelihood of Ohioans both in and out of uniform,” said Weinstein. “We need Congress to rise to the challenge and do its part to ensure we can get back to issues that matter most to people – creating a strong framework for better jobs, better lives and a more secure future.”

Among the projects that stand to lose funding are Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Toledo Express Airport, Mansfield Lahm Airport, Youngstown Air Reserve Station and Camp James A. Garfield in Portage County.

Earlier this week, Congress voted to overturn the president’s emergency. The measure did not pass with enough votes to overturn Trump’s veto, so the emergency declaration remains in effect.

National emergencies are usually reserved for international security crises, economic emergencies or natural disasters.

Weinstein is the lead Democrat on the Ohio House Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Committee. A U.S. Air Force veteran, he previously served at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base with his wife Amanda.