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Rep. Weinstein, House Democrats move to immediately repeal House Bill 6

September 10, 2020
Casey Weinstein News

COLUMBUS – State Representatives Casey Weinstein (D-Hudson) today moved to favorably report the Republican-sponsored HB 6 repeal bill – identical to the Democratic bill to repeal – out of the Select Committee on Energy Policy and Oversight after just a single hearing. His motion was ruled out of order by Committee Chairman Jim Hoops (R-Napoleon) and upheld on a party line vote with Republicans voting against their own bill.

“Complete and immediate repeal is the only way forward,” added Rep. Weinstein. “Enough is enough. Hardworking Ohioans cannot afford the chronic subsidization of FirstEnergy and its subsidiaries any longer!”­

Representative Weinstein’s effort to reach across the aisle and favorably report HB 746, the bill sponsored by Assistant Majority Whip Laura Lanese (R-Grove City) and Dave Greenspan (R-Westlake), rather than HB 738, the bill sponsored by Reps. Michael J. Skindell (D-Lakewood) and Michael O’Brien (D-Warren) was rejected by all Republicans on the committee.

“Fifty-eight members of the Ohio House of Representatives have signed on to bipartisan legislation to repeal House Bill 6, so why haven’t we repealed it?” asked Rep. Weinstein. “We know how the House will vote on repeal should it make it to the floor, so the only logical explanation for declining to do so is that the majority caucus does not actually support a repeal.”