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Rep. Weinstein, House Democrats issue statement following Gov. DeWine evening address

Democrats rebuke the governor's lack of action
November 12, 2020
Casey Weinstein News

COLUMBUS — State Rep. Casey Weinstein (D-Hudson) today issued a statement following the Wednesday evening address from Governor Mike DeWine.

All 88 counties in Ohio have a high rate of spread and the state remains in a state of emergency. DeWine called this the “most dangerous phase of the pandemic.”

“Ohio has broken daily COVID-19 case records for five of the past seven days,” said Rep. Weinstein. “Our trajectory is unsustainable, and we need everyone to wear a mask to keep the daily case count from getting even worse.”

After consulting with local health officials earlier today, House Democrats offer these suggestions to Governor DeWine on what he should implement immediately:

  • Statewide conformity for enforcement of health orders. Currently, 113 health jurisdictions across the state are all enforcing differently without clear ODH directives regarding standards and coordination between jurisdictions.
  • Increased investment in public health infrastructure, including data systems and contact tracing resources. The systems are overburdened because it is poorly resourced.
  • Additional targeted testing for essential services -schools, first responders, essential businesses. These employees and students should have a fast and reliable source of testing followed by comprehensive contact tracing.
  • Resources for Ohioans without paid sick or family leave to allow them to comply with quarantine orders.
  • A focus on high-risk communities with special consideration of health disparities.
  • Expanded educational campaign about the risk of informal and indoor gatherings; this is currently the largest source of spread.
  • Leadership on mask wearing - ALL elected and community leaders should speak with one voice about the importance of wearing face coverings.