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ICYMI: Rep. Weinstein pens column calling for repeal of Ohio's "shoot first" law

Says no duty to retreat will make deadly confrontations more common
April 6, 2021
Casey Weinstein News

State Rep. Casey Weinstein (D-Hudson) penned an OpEd in the Akron Beacon Journal this week in which he called for the repeal of Ohio’s new no duty to retreat law, which passed in December 2020 and is set to take effect Tuesday, April 6. Rep. Weinstein is a co-sponsor of legislation, House Bill (HB) 38, which would repeal the controversial law.

Full text of Rep. Weinstein’s Akron Beacon Journal OpEd: Ohio lawmakers must stand up to gun lobby, repeal 'no duty to retreat' law 

“This law makes violent confrontation more likely by permitting the use of deadly force by anyone who believes their lives are endangered anywhere in Ohio. No de-escalation, no retreat, no questions. As a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, I understand and appreciate the desire for sensible self-defense and gun laws to protect our families’ safety and security, but this goes too far,” wrote Rep. Weinstein

“This same law in other states has led to an increase in legally justified killings of Black people and a double-digit increase in homicides. Law enforcement, prosecutors, and civil rights advocates all opposed this bill. The only ones who did support it were gun lobbyists. That’s it. This dangerous bill will now become law...It will make all of us less safe while having a disproportionate impact on communities of color.”

Ohio’s new “shoot first” law permits the use of deadly force by individuals who believe their lives are endangered anywhere in the state. The measure was added as a last-minute amendment to Senate Bill (SB) 175 in December 2o2o, and the governor signed the bill into law even after suggesting he would veto the extreme legislation

Rep. Weinstein joined Democratic lawmakers in introducing several commonsense gun safety measures in the aftermath of the Dayton shooting, including his bill to limit high-capacity magazines commonly used in mass shootings.