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Cutrona Seeks to Keep Electric Rates Low with New Legislation

March 15, 2021
Al Cutrona News

State Rep. Al Cutrona (R-Canfield) has introduced legislation under House Bill 192, which ensures uniformity across all localities regarding electricity by restricting legislation for energy generation beyond what’s allowed in the Ohio Revised Code.

“The purpose behind this bill is to prevent possible rate increases for those throughout the state and the Mahoning Valley,” said Cutrona. “Ohioans should not be penalized with increased rates if their local government passes new restrictions that so drastically impact utilities’ energy generation practices.”

Cutrona notes the bill is meant to prevent any issues that may arise when it comes to energy supply as an unnecessary burden can be created when energy supply must be directed to specific localities based on how that energy is generated. 

“When the Legislature has the sole authority to place restrictions on energy generation, we are able to make sure that there is uniformity in the energy entering out homes,” said Cutrona. “It also allows us to meet the needs of the state as a whole without having to worry about restrictions that localities have implemented.”

The legislation has been referred to the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee and awaits its first hearing.