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Rep. West announces more than $43 million to support health, safety and security of Ohioans

May 3, 2021
Thomas West News

Rep. Thomas E. West (D-Canton) announced today that the state Controlling Board approved several items of note this week, including $39 million to cover the administrative costs of running the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Unemployment Insurance programs.

“The past year has shown us how important it is to adequately fund our unemployment benefits systems. Thousands of Ohioans are still counting on their benefits to be delivered in a timely manner,” said Rep. West. “We owe it to them to make sure that their state government is getting these things right.”

The Controlling Board approved a number of other measures to support the health and safety of Ohioans Monday, including:

  • $3.3 million for the Family and Children First program to support early childhood mental health,
  • $1.3 million to the Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services to fund treatment, crisis counseling, and other support at the community level for those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic,
  • $67,458 for the Department of Health to purchase rapid HIV testing kits.

Additional notable funding items include $120,000 to train Ohio educators and $1.5 million to repair dams and improve the state’s infrastructure.