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Rep. Lepore-Hagan statement as House votes to remove Larry Householder as speaker

Vote comes amid federal indictment as FBI investigates alleged $60M corruption scheme orchestrated by Householder
July 30, 2020
Michele Lepore-Hagan News

COLUMBUS –State Representative Michele Lepore-Hagan (D-Youngstown) issued a statement today as the Ohio House voted unanimously to strip Larry Householder (R-Glenford) of his role as Speaker of the House. Householder and four associates were indicted by a federal grand jury today amid an ongoing FBI criminal investigation into his connection to an alleged $60 million public corruption and bribery scheme—the largest in state history.

“I called for Larry Householder to resign on the day the U.S. Attorney’s office revealed the details of the conspiracy that led to the passage of HB 6. I call on Larry Householder to resign today, and I will call on him to resign every day because the shroud of corruption he casts over the Ohio House must be lifted. But because Mr. Householder lacks the integrity to voluntarily leave the body he has dishonored, I support the efforts to remove him as speaker and expel him from the General Assembly.

Unfortunately, simply removing him from our midst isn’t enough. Republicans are not getting a pat on the back from me for doing the bare minimum of removing him as Speaker. Our democracy isn’t saved just because Householder stopped wielding the gavel. They must also ensure that the dirty money he has accumulated for them does not influence the 2020 elections.

To that end, I renew my demand that every dollar he has raised and controls be donated to charity immediately. Until then, I remain unconvinced that Republicans in the Statehouse have stopped wanting to win at all costs or really ending this culture of corruption.”