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In State of the State response, Democrats outline plan to build a better, stronger Ohio

March 23, 2022
Michele Lepore-Hagan News

COLUMBUS – Today, House and Senate Democrats issued a joint Democratic response to Gov. DeWine’s State of the State speech. During the press conference, Democrats highlighted their plan to expand opportunity, invest in working people and families, and build an economy that works for everyone. 

House and Senate Democratic leaders highlighted several ways Democrats have delivered results for Ohioans the past three years, including the American Rescue Plan to spur Ohio’s economic recovery and support working families, and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to rebuild Ohio’s infrastructure. Democrats also helped pass the Fair School Funding Plan, a longtime priority to invest in our students, and secured $210.98 million for public transit and $250 million for broadband development in underserved areas in the state’s budgets.

“The only people that DeWine kept his promises to were gun owners, corporations, polluters, and First Energy! The wealthiest Ohioans got everything they wanted, at the expense of hardworking Ohioans. He’s also been very busy helping destroy a woman’s ownership over her own body and her right to choose. The supermajority and one-party rule is responsible for the corruption in this state and complete lack of focus on the real concerns of working people in Ohio. That’s why Democrats are focused on the real issues that impact all Ohioans,” said Rep. Lepore-Hagan. 

Rep. Lepore-Hagan is especially proud of the successes Democrats have delivered for the Mahoning Valley thus far in the 134th General Assembly. Democrats were able to secure a pathway out for Youngstown Schools and other districts operating under a state-controlled Academic Distress Commission in the state budget, and they also passed the Ohio Residential Broadband Expansion Program, which gives $20 million in grants to expand broadband access so Ohioans across the state can connect to the internet.  

Democrats outlined their priorities for the remainder on the 134th General Assembly, including: 

Strengthening our democracy by enacting fair maps that best represent Ohioans and protecting the freedom to vote;
Continuing to stand with working people, to invest in our communities and grow good paying jobs that cut workers in on the deal and build an economy that works for all of us, not just those at the top
Making healthcare affordable and accessible;
Investing in working families by enacting paid family leave and expanding access to childcare;
Implementing commonsense gun safety reforms;
Implementing criminal justice reform;
Fixing the state’s broken unemployment system;
Tackling corruption and restoring integrity to state government;
Ending the coal plant bailouts within the corrupt HB 6 legislation and prepare Ohio for a clean energy future;
Reforming our state’s tax system so working people can get ahead.

Watch the full Democratic response HERE