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State Rep. Lanese Introduces Legislation Creating Cybersecurity Team

Bill aims to prevent cyber-attacks on Ohio infrastructure
October 31, 2018
Laura Lanese News

COLUMBUS—State Representative Laura Lanese (R-Grove City) recently introduced House Bill 747, legislation that would require the state’s Adjutant General’s Office to establish the Ohio Cyber Reserve (OHCR). This newly formed security organization would be responsible for maintaining teams of IT professionals to deter, mitigate, and remedy cyberattacks on local governments, local agencies and community partners.

The OHCR would be issued active duty orders similar to the National Guard’s response to a national disaster. The Governor could call upon these teams when local resources are not sufficient to counter attacks on critical IT infrastructure. The Ohio Cyber Reserve would include trained and vetted civilian volunteers who are cybersecurity experts and would receive compensation when called to active duty.

“Cybersecurity is a concern in both the private and government sector,” said Rep. Lanese, who jointly sponsored the bill with Rep. Mark Romanchuk (R-Ontario). “This legislation will give Ohio a team of professionals to both prevent attacks and swiftly react should such an event occur.”

Adapted from the section of Ohio law pertaining to organizing a militia and informed by previous attempts to address this problem in other states, House Bill 747 takes into account Ohio’s unique needs and capabilities and is broadly written to assist the Adjutant General in preventing cyberattacks. The bill will also help local townships and municipalities facilitate their cybersecurity efforts.