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Rep. Lanese Announces Passage of Legislation Safeguarding Taxpayer Dollars, Preventing Credit Card Abuse

December 6, 2017
Laura Lanese News

State Representative Laura Lanese (R-Grove City) today announced that the Ohio House has passed legislation creating standards for the use of credit and debit cards by political subdivisions.

Current law in Ohio lacks a uniform policy across the state regarding the use of credit and debit cards by local government entities. House Bill 312, sponsored by Reps. Dave Greenspan (R-Westlake) and Kirk Schuring (R-Canton), would require political subdivisions to follow certain procedures—including adopting a comprehensive policy, conducting a periodic review, and providing itemized receipts—for credit cards.

“This bill seeks to rein in the misuse of funds that have plagued local governments throughout the state due to non-uniform practices relating to credit card usage,” said Lanese. “The standards that this bill puts in place will be integral in increasing government accountability, transparency, and frugality.”

The bill requires the name of the political subdivision to appear on each credit card and check related to its account. Additionally, these entities, including counties, must report any rewards accrued from credit cards annually to the Auditor of State. House Bill 312 also generally prohibits the use of debit card accounts by local governments except for law enforcement purposes.

House Bill 312, which seeks to protect taxpayer dollars and encourage responsible spending, now awaits consideration by the Ohio Senate.