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Guest Column: November 11th an Opportunity to Support Veterans in the Community

November 8, 2017
Laura Lanese News

Commemorating Veterans Day each year is a vital part of the American ideal, even though the men and women who have served our country never asked for recognition and feel as if they simply answered a call to duty. But I also know the sacrifice each veteran has made to take that call upon themselves, to protect our nation so unselfishly. So many have sacrificed their lives, health, and time with family—all in the name of the United States—and deserve a day of honor.

Growing up in a military family and being married to a Navy veteran who still serves in the United States Army Reserve, I know the caliber of people who take on the responsibility of upholding American values. From those who served long ago during World War II to the recruits just now taking the oath, our military is a special network of people dedicated to the same goal—making sure their family, friends, and fellow American citizens can continue to live a free and prosperous life.

Without our veterans, our country would not exist today. The documents that founded the United States, a first-of-its-kind republic, would be worthless without a military to protect the rights they endow. We are blessed with so many freedoms, but we are able to experience them every day because of our armed forces. It is of the utmost importance that we honor them each day, but especially on Veterans Day.

In Grove City, there exists the Gold Star Families Memorial Monument, which honors Gold Star families and serves as a reminder that freedom is not free. These families are the relatives of United States military members who died in battle, and as they too have given of themselves for this country, deserve to be recognized. Each day I pass by this monument, I reflect on what it takes to serve in the military and am ever appreciative of our veterans.

This Veterans Day, if you happen to be in the area, the Annual Veterans Day Service will be held at the Grove City Gold Star Families Memorial at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 11. Hosted by the local American Legion and VFW posts, the event is a great opportunity to see the monument up close and learn more about how you can better support the veterans in our community. I hope you’ll be there!