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Rep. Miranda testifies in favor of Ohio Equal Pay Act

Legislation takes steps to close gender, racial pay gap
June 22, 2021
Jessica E. Miranda News

COLUMBUS—State Rep. Jessica E. Miranda (D-Forest Park) today gave sponsor testimony on House Bill (HB) 232, legislation to enact the Ohio Equal Pay Act. The bill was heard by the Ohio House Commerce and Labor Committee, and testimony was given alongside joint-sponsor Rep. Stephanie Howse (D-Cleveland).

“Statistics show that women earn 82 cents for every dollar the average man earns. Even more concerning, statistics show that African American women earn $0.62, Native American women earn $0.60 and Latina women earn $0.54 for every dollar that a white man earns,” said Rep. Miranda in her testimony. “The Ohio Equal Pay Act will take crucial and long overdue steps to close the gender and racial wealth gap that currently hurts too many working families. I’m proud to join Rep. Howse in putting forward legislation that will advance economic justice, give women the paychecks they deserve, and make Ohio a more business and worker friendly state for everyone.”

The Ohio Equal Pay Act would:

Prohibit gag orders on employees that keep them from talking about their salaries with one another;
Require vendors who do business with the state to obtain an Equal Pay Certificate, certifying that women at the companies are given equal opportunity for career advancement;
Require government entities to evaluate their employees’ pay scales to ensure compensation is based on skills, responsibilities and working conditions across job categories.

The Ohio Equal Pay Act now awaits further consideration by the Commerce and Labor Committee. Constituents who want to see HB 232 advance are encouraged to contact committee Chair Dick Stein’s office at (614) 466-9628 or and urge him to bring the legislation for another hearing.