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Rep. Miranda calls for the immediate resignation of Speaker Householder

Says ongoing FBI investigation is an unnecessary distraction from the people's work
July 24, 2020
Jessica E. Miranda News

COLUMBUS—State Rep. Jessica E. Miranda (D-Forest Park) today called for the resignation of Republican Speaker of the House Larry Householder (R-Glenford) following federal charges that he engaged in a $60 million bribery, racketeering scheme. This is the second FBI investigation into House GOP leadership in three years.

“Each day that goes by that the Speaker does not resign is another day that the Ohio legislature is dead in the water. For the sake of rebuilding the public’s trust in the legislature, Speaker Householder needs to resign immediately. Not only that, but we must repeal the corrupted House Bill 6 and start over to ensure our state has sound energy policy that puts the people first. I reject this massive corruption and stand ready to protect hard-working Ohioans’ best interests. I call on the Republican majority to choose a new Speaker now so we can get back to work,” said Rep. Miranda.