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Rep. Miranda announces bill protecting religious inclusivity around higher education testing is now signed into law

January 9, 2023
Jessica E. Miranda News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Jessica E. Miranda (D-Forest Park) announced last week the signing of House Bill (HB) 353, otherwise called “Testing Your Faith Act,” to guarantee students of higher education accommodations for religious obligations.

“I want to thank Governor DeWine, the Members of the Ohio Senate, and the Members of the Ohio House of Representatives for passing this important legislation,” said Rep. Miranda. “The “Testing Your Faith Act” guarantees that all of our higher education students have one less burden placed upon them by allowing true inclusivity of religious freedoms. The very aspect our country was founded upon.”

HB 353 will:

· Require that Ohio colleges and universities create a policy to accommodate the sincerely held religious belief and practices of students in regards to exams and other academic requirements by allowing a student to be absent up to three days a semester for reasons of faith or conscience;

· Prohibit institutions of higher education from imposing an academic penalty as a result of a student’s absence under the policy;

· Require that students who miss exams or other academic obligations as a result of these absences must be provided with alternative accommodations;

· Require students to provide instructors with a written notice of the specific dates they will be absent within the first 14 days after the first day of an academic course.

This legislation was joint sponsored by Representative Gary Click (R-Vickery).