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Rep. Jessica Miranda Votes "Yes" on State Budget That Secures Fair School Funding Priorities

June 30, 2023
Jessica E. Miranda News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Jessica Miranda (D-Forrest Park) today released the following statement after voting to support the Ohio state operating budget (HB 33):

“We did a ton of damage control in this budget, there are some great wins that truly put people first. But there’s some bad policy in here too, like attacking higher education and the fiscally irresponsible spending for universal vouchers. We have a constitutional duty to pass this budget by June 30th, so I am glad we got the job done,” said Rep. Miranda.

Ohio House Democrats will continue to prioritize legislation that always puts people first and  upholds the freedom to be who we are, the dignity of representation, and the opportunity to thrive.

HB 33 provisions included:


School funding

  • Continues implementation of the Cupp-Patterson Fair School Funding Plan using FY 2022 per pupil data.
  • Increases the general phase-in and disadvantaged pupil impact aid phase-in percentages from 33.33% in FY 2023 to 50% in FY 2024 and 66.67% in FY 2025.
  • Increases the minimum transportation state share percentage from 33.33% in FY 2023 to 37.5% in FY 2024 and 41.67% in FY 2025.

School meals

  • Adds funding to cover the reimbursement for the cost of reduced price breakfast and lunch.Teacher salary
  • Increases the base teacher salary to $35K from $30K and adjusts the remainder of the teacher salary schedule accordingly.

Third grade reading guarantee

  • Eliminates mandatory student retention under the third grade reading guarantee beginning with the 2023-2024 school year; includes a safe harbor year for the 2022-2023 school year.
  • Requires continued intensive reading intervention until the student is at grade level.
  • Requires schools provide high-dosage tutoring opportunities included during instruction time of at least three days per week, or at least 50 hours over 36 weeks.

Free feminine hygiene products

  • Requires each school that enrolls girls in any of grade 6-12 to provide free feminine products to those students.
  • Permits each district or school to choose to provide such products to students below grade 6.

EdChoice Scholarship Data Performance System

  • Requires ODE to develop a student growth measure by July 1, 2025, for EdChoice scholarship students enrolled in chartered nonpublic schools.
  • Requires the measure to be used to report data annually on student growth for students in grades 4-8.



  • Earmarks $47.1 million in FY24 and $194.9 million in FY25 with the intent to increase reimbursement rates for direct care service providers to $17/hr in FY24 and $18/hr in FY25.
  • Increases the Medicaid reimbursement rate for neonatal, newborn services to at least 75% of Medicare rates.
  • Requires Medicaid to reimburse remote ultrasounds and fetal nonstress tests.
  • Requires the Ohio Department of Medicaid to establish and administer a supplemental payment program for emergency medical services providers.
  • Expands Medicaid Buy-In for Workers With Disabilities to provide coverage for workers with disabilities aged 65 and older.
  • Establishes a Medicaid lodging program for children with special needs and their families.

Maternal / Child / Infant Health

  • Requires the Ohio Department of Medicaid to cover doula services through a 5-year doula pilot program.
  • Provides continuous Medicaid coverage for children aged 0 - 3.
  • Expands eligibility for the Program for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs to individuals up to the age of 24 in FY24 and age 25 in FY25.
  • Provides a $50 million investment of ARPA funds into pediatric behavioral health.

Child Care / Early Childhood Education

  • Increases the initial eligibility for publicly funded child care to 150% FPL for children with special needs.
  • Invests $30 million over the biennium in Child Care Infrastructure Grants for communities with high infant mortality rates.
  • Invests $30 million over the biennium in Early Childhood Education funds to build capacity for pre-K children.

Child Welfare / Food / Public Assistance

  • Allows child support to follow the child in third-party caretaker situations, such as kinship caregiving.
  • Earmarks up to $39.55 million per fiscal year for the Ohio Association of Foodbanks.
  • Expands eligibility for the Ohio Works First program to all pregnant women.


  • Earmarks $40 million for Health Aging Grants, one-time grants to help our elderly age in place.
  • Expands MyCare Ohio to all counties.

Health / Other

  • Creates a DeafBlind Fund pilot program to recruit and train support service providers and connect them with deaf-blind individuals.
  • Provides funding for rental assistance, technology initiatives for individuals with disabilities.
  • Invests $1 million in one-time grants for individuals with disabilities, distributed through the centers for independent living.
  • Creates a Parkinson’s Disease registry.
  • Creates a stroke registry and database.
  • Earmarks $2.5 million each fiscal year for the creation of a Center for Community Health Worker Excellence.