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Rep. Crossman Files Criminal Dereliction of Duty Complaint against GOP Members of Redistricting Commission

Crossman Pursues Criminal Complaint with State Highway Patrol, Asks for Investigation into Republican Members of Commission
May 26, 2022
Jeffrey A. Crossman News

COLUMBUS — Rep. Jeff Crossman (D-Parma) today held a press conference to announce his filing of a criminal complaint against the Republican members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission for dereliction of duty, as they “recklessly failed to perform a duty expressly imposed by law with respect to the public servant’s office.” The Complaint also alleges "interference with civil rights."

“No one is above the law and Republicans shouldn’t get to intentionally break the law and charge us taxpayers an extra $25 million for an extra election we wouldn't have needed if they did their jobs. Working Ohioans and their families should not have to foot the price of their misdeeds. I’ve asked the State Highway Patrol to conduct a fair, serious and thorough investigation. If it’s found that they broke the law and failed to follow the Constitution, I’m asking for real accountability,” said Rep. Crossman.  

Rep. Crossman is asking the Ohio State Highway Patrol to investigate and, if appropriate, pursue criminal prosecution of Mike DeWine, Frank LaRose, Keith Faber, Matt Huffman and Robert Cupp for dereliction of duty. 

The Redistricting Commission first met in August, and Republicans have failed to do their constitutional duties and passed GOP-gerrymandered maps seven times rather than pass the fair maps Ohioans overwhelmingly called for.

In their public statements, Republicans have clearly demonstrated that they know they are tasked with passing fair maps, both by the Constitution and the Ohio Supreme Court, yet continue to derelict their duty and pass gerrymandered maps instead.

Watch the press conference HERE.

The formal complaint can be found HERE.